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When it comes to marketing your products and services, a picture is worth much more than a thousand words, and a moving picture is even more valuable. That is why so many businesses are moving away from static forms of advertising, abandoning traditional media like newspapers and magazines in favor of more interactive and user-friendly technologies.

Digital signage solutions run the gamut, from the large menu boards at fast food drive-thru lanes and colorful menus at coffee shops to informational displays in medical and veterinary offices. These digital signage solutions are in place in many different places, and to the customer it all seems to happen by magic.


Those constantly changing digital signage displays may seem like magic to the viewer, but there is real world technology happening behind the scenes. Whether they are touting the latest prescription drugs in a doctor’s office, displaying pictures of food and drink specials on tables on bars in restaurants, or encouraging impulse purchases at the checkout counter, those digital signage solutions are powered by software, and much of that software is built on the Android operating system.


Here are the benefits from our MacCaddy Digital Advertising Table and Floor Displays:

With the Continuous Looping Graphics and Video, you can advertise your Services, Specials, Promotions and Upsells easily to a captive audience, while they charge.  Studies have shown that while you are providing a FREE Service like charging devices, the psychological association of your brand will leave a positive and lasting impression.

 1. For Advertising: Our patented 7 & 8 inch Table Digital Advertising Players effectively expand your customers product advertising coverage.  With the Continuous Looping Graphics and Video, you can advertise your Services, Specials, Promotions easily to a captive audience.


2. For Restaurants and Bars: Guests stay longer if they are able to charge their phones for free, which studies show that patrons will remain longer resulting in additional food or beverage orders.  The dual side digital displays can scroll through pictures of dishes, drinks, menus, upcoming events, etc.  All while charging phones and mixing in advertisement slides as well. 


3. For Phone Charging: The tabletop digital displays also act as a portable power bank, that can be charged overnight, and set on tables, bars, hotel lounges, waiting rooms, wedding receptions, etc.  They don’t require any cables and are completely portable.  As you’ll see in the pictures and videos, they are capable of charging multiple devices at the same time, while keeping customers engaged longer to view scrolling ads.    


Nomophobia is a real anxiety created condition when your phone nears low battery.  We rely on our smart phones so much now, and without them, we tend to do whatever is necessary to keep them charged.  Here are some stats from an LG study relating to Nomophobia and Low Battery Anxieties:

Phone Charging Stats

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