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Great Solutions for table advertising and phone charging

Customers are engaged longer to view advertising and will stay longer if they are able to charge their phones for increased revenue opportunities.

Our Android WiFi models come with our brand new, easy to use, cloud based digital signage that displays menus, advertising, social media, specials, events, etc.


Large Capacity 20800mAh battery to be used for a charging station for multiple devices.



MC-02A Table Tent Advertising Phone Charger

  • Android 4.4 with RAM 1G and 8G Storage
    Dual 7” HD 1080p Wide Angle LCD Touch Screen
    Include Ad System, Order System, Call System, Hyperlink Functions, etc.
    Remotely Pushes Image/Video to Devices
    Devices Auto Update Display Through WiFi and Cloud Server
    Great Solutions for Table Advertising and Phone Charging
    Suitable for all kinds of venues, such as Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Bars, Weddings, Waiting Rooms, Events, Exhibitions

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